Shibboleth SP, LocalDynamic, and embedded discovery service

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Oct 4 10:01:26 EDT 2019

> I know the Shib SP v3 documentation encourages the use of the LocalDynamic
> provider in place of the folder version, and I understand why, but the
> LocalDynamic will not produce a JSON feed, correct? So if one wants to use the
> embedded discovery service, than one does need to "fall bacK' to the folder
> provider, right?

Folder is practically unusable at scale no matter what, you would have to use aggregates at that point.

> p.s. and if indeed LocalDynamic does not work with EDS, it is probably worth
> explicitly noting that in the wiki.

The EDS doesn't require a feed from the SP, it simply requires a feed. The SP producing that is just a convenience, and increasingly an impractical one.

-- Scott

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