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mark Duckworth mark at
Wed Oct 2 11:20:32 EDT 2019


I'm looking for some high level guidance for how to build/install Shibboleth SP with nginx on Amazon Linux 2018-03. I am not experienced at building linux apps from source.

I think I have to build Shibboleth SP, because it is not available in the amazon repository. I found these instructions for SRPMBuild:

Is that where I should start for building the SP? There is an example for Amazon Linux with Apache, but what do I need to change to use nginx instead of apache? The example rpmbuild command for shibboleth seems to have a bunch of options specific to apache.

I also found instructions for nginx-http-shibboleth here:

nginx is available from amazon using yum, but I don't understand if I have to rebuild nginx specifically for Shibboleth or not. And I don't understand if I have to build the nginx-http-shibboleth module separately or is it implicitly included if I have to rebuild nginx in a particular way? Do I need to ask the nginx-http-shibboleth questions on a different list or forum?

Mark Duckworth
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