SP / CentOS 8

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Oct 1 15:38:31 EDT 2019

I believe I have a working package set for CentOS 8, so I've added it to the yum repo script as an option. There are some caveats because I was not able to get the SP itself to build remotely with the SUSE build service, only the dependencies.

For all kinds of reasons it's past time to start looking at new options to do the build, so since it was only a single package I decided to go ahead and build it myself under a VM, which was not a big deal except for the hitch that I needed to sign the packages.

After much gnashing I got that to work on a Mac with my personal key used to sign the sources, so I've added that as a second yum repo key URL along with the OBS key.

I was able to install it from the yum mirrors under the VM after accepting both keys so I believe it's workable for now while we work out a new long term plan to script the builds.

I will warn outright that once we do that, all the old unsupported platforms will almost certainly be discontinued, so there won't be packages for all those older unsupported distros we were doing for free. e.g. CentOS 5 will be gone. We'll probably have a relatively "self contained" system for doing the builds that others could steal though.

-- Scott

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