configuring shibboleth on AWS using ELB

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Eventually, we will want to set up as a federation SP, but this is just dev at this point, so we are only configuring our org IDP. 
I did find the documentation on creating the metadata schema/rules, so thanks for that direction. 

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> How do I prepare the metadata myself?

It's an XML file with a very defined schema and set of rules for what's in it, but that's probably obvious so the intent of the question is not 100% clear.

Speaking in general terms, a federated SP (that is, one dealing with many IdPs of different organizations) really needs to be in a federation, and federations provide metadata management systems generally, though not always.

An enterprise SP is dealing with a single IdP and the IdP operator should be providing processes to follow. For myself, I don't ask SPs to give me metadata as a rule, I just expect them to inform me of the keys and hosts through a registration process, then I assign them entityID(s) to use, and I have processes to follow when changes are needed.
-- Scott

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