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Our SP uses a persistent NameID (in subject assertion) or a persistent ePTID (in attribute assertion) for personalization. Although an SP3, this is still valid for us:

A persistent NameID in subject assertion is relatively simple but we're occasionally having problems with IdPs that release ePTID but not in a persistent format... and would release it like this, for example:

<saml:Attribute Name="urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:eduPersonTargetedID">

and we don't know how to help them.

Is there a wiki page that helps an IdP to configure Shibboleth to release a persistent eduPersonTargetedID that we can point them to? We can find bits of information (on IdP2 wiki) but don't really know what's a proper starting point.

Also... we know ePTID is being deprecated so not expecting any new wikis to be put up to address this...  we're just not ready to dump its support quite yet.


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