IDP 2.4.3 LDAP Connection over TLS 1.2

Brian Southern briansouthern24 at
Mon Nov 25 14:30:35 EST 2019

Our IdP 2.4.3 is currently configured to connect to Active Directory for
the LDAP authentication, however we recently found that it only appears to
use TLS 1.0 for this connection.  We'd like to upgrade this to only use TLS
1.2.  Both the IdP and AD servers are running on Windows Server, and with
the registry on both systems set to only permit TLS1.2 we still see (via
network packet captures) that the IdP connection only attempts to use TLS

Can someone please help describe how to configure the IdP to use TLS 1.2
for the LDAP conenction, or point me to the documentation that describes
what TLS versions are supported with this older version of IdP?

Thank you.
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