Error in Shibboleth login from mobile devices

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Nov 18 14:08:52 EST 2019

On 11/18/19, 1:36 PM, "users on behalf of Aseem Keskar" <users-bounces at on behalf of Aseem.Keskar at> wrote:

> For our current setup, I can see that SAML request is being sent to Shibboleth so "mobile client losing affinity with the
> same IdP server" is not the case here.

There had better be exactly one server possible, or you're not really sure of anything, and I doubt there's only one server deployed.

> Also, as we are trying this on fresh browser after deleting cookies, there won't be any existing JSESSIONID cookie. So
> as per our understanding, browser does not have to sent JSESSIONID during the request on fresh browser.

That's not when the error is happening, the problem is on subsequent requests during that conversation.

-- Scott

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