Cardinus SAML2 integration

Mark Cairney Mark.Cairney at
Fri Nov 15 05:37:54 EST 2019


It's a bit of a long shot but has anyone ever set up Shibboleth to
interoperate with Cardinus (

We've been asked to however we've been told that they only support
IdP-initiated SSO.
At this point my reaction was "OK, a bit weird but not the end of the
world" so we've asked for their metadata and they've responded saying
they don't supply metadata files:

We do not supply Metadata files however, the below is all the details
generally used when setting up IDP initiated SSO.

End point URL:*********
Relying Party Identifier: *******
Relay State / Target App: Healthy working
EntityID: ********
UidIdentifier: NameID

(I've censored out some of the values).

How do I proceed from here? Is it a case of hand-crafting a stub
metadata file and praying to the SAML gods that it works?

I've checked and they don't appear to be in our Federation metadata.

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