Issue with _shibsession_ in Load Balanced Setup

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Thu Nov 14 13:50:42 EST 2019

I have a 2 node load balanced phpMyAdmin setup. The nodes are behind an AWS

The cloud team mentioned this with regard to the ALB:

1 it utilizes cookies, so as long as clients browser settings are OK, the
session will remain with a single node
2 the stickiness duration is currently set to 10 minutes, which means as
long as requests are being sent between the client and lb within that time
frame, the session will remain sticky so to speak
but if they walk away, 10 minutes elapses, then they start interacting with
the app again, it's possible they get bounced to the other node

I notice the AWSALB cookie is constantly changing, I understand this is
normal and is how stickiness works with the AWS ALB.

I also see the _shibsession_xxx session cookie.

Every so often, the app (phpMyAdmin) complains that it has lost its
connection with the following error displayed in the web UI:

*Error in processing requestError text: error (rejected)It seems that the
connection to server has been lost. Please check your network connectivity
and server status.*

This happens after some idle time, and then clicking on, for example, a
table, to see its contents (or seemingly any link within the app's web UI).

The app is setup with protected paths in the Apache's shibd.conf file, for

<Location /secure/bas>
  AuthType shibboleth
  ShibRequestSetting requireSession true
  Require shib-attr isMemberOf
  Require shib-attr isMemberOf

each of which (i.e., /secure/bas, etc.) are phpMyAdmin installs with
auth_type = config setups -- where user & password are hard coded into the file, since auth is handled by Shibboleth.

phpMyAdmin connects via TLS to a MariaDB cluster. The connect details to
MariaDB are also within each

The following is in shibboleth2.xml:

<Sessions lifetime="28800" timeout="3600" relayState="ss:mem"
          checkAddress="false" consistentAddress="false" handlerSSL="true"

I set session.gc_maxlifetime = 14400 in php.ini. The server is using Red

- Apache 2.4.6
- Shibd 3.04
- PHP 7.3

Initially, one issue was resolved by setting consistentAddress="false" as
above ... since the ALB actually has 2 source IPs at any time, and when
they changed, it seemed to correspond to the error occurring.

consistentAddress="false" seemed to resolve -- but the issue still cropped
up, albeit less frequently.

I thought the issue might be related to the app not sharing sessions, so I
tried configuring PHP to use Redis to share sessions between the 2 nodes,
however, the issue still happens.

Deleting the phpMyAdmin session cookie does not seem to cause the problem.

Deleting the _shibsession_xxx cookie, DOES produce the error.

Some things I notice when the error happens,

- the link I click responds with a 302 to the IdP
- the node that responded with the 302 is different from the node the
browser had been on
- the _shibsession_xxx session cookie that had been present disappears from
local storage, and the app error:

*Error in processing requestError text: error (rejected)It seems that the
connection to server has been lost. Please check your network connectivity
and server status.*

is presented in the app's web UI.

I see in the 302 provisional headers a _shibsession_xxx and a
_shibsealed_xxx cookie -- the names for both are the same. I can't see the

Reloading the page fixes the error, and now the browser is sticking to the
alternate node. The _shibsession_xxx cookie is back and has a new value on
reloading. Everything is fine until it switches again.

Thanks for any info on how I might debug.
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