Authentication failed with my Password/SPNEGO MFA configuration

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Wed Nov 13 18:18:06 EST 2019

Just FYI, I tested step-up authentication, and it works. The SP not requiring 2FA lets me in with password, and the SP that I then access that requires 2FA causes the IdP to go straight to a Duo prompt.

Thanks again, Scott.


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> Thanks, Scott. Yes, I added the dummyflow and incorporated it into my MFA flow, and it now works. I haven't confirmed
> that step-up still works as it should, but I don't see how this could have broken that. 

I don't think doing this should be a problem, but more to the point anything it breaks is probably also at risk from my code fix, so it's best to find any problems now.

> So, this works. Assuming this is a workaround, not a long-term fix, and that eventually the old way I had this will work. Is
> that correct?

Yes, I believe so.
> Thanks again for the speedy and helpful fix,

Thank you for exposing the bug.

-- Scott

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