errors after upgrade to 3.4.6

Jim Fox fox at
Fri Nov 8 17:52:55 EST 2019

>> I'll make an effort to read release notes more carefully.  We don't use
>> external flow, so I kinda skipped that part.
> I didn't make the decision lightly, but the alternatives to fix it were very ugly and a lot less robust.
> As for what you're doing, unfortunately there really isn't a supportable way to do it. Duplicating the non-API class(es) you're using is really the only course you can take that won't put you at risk of the same issue in the future, though it will always be noted if we have to change something like that.

Using the impl classes might be the lazy way to go, but it does force me to stay current with released code.  And I have a lot less code of my own to keep track of. In the long run I'm fine with the overhead of adapting to impl changes, just as, when going to 4.0, I know I may have to adapt to API changes.


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