Apache max AJP connections over IDP 3.4.4

Miguel Salinas Vivancos msalinas at bcn.sia.es
Tue Nov 5 04:11:38 EST 2019


We have an architecture of 3 nodes with Shibboleth IDP 3.4.4 over a Tomcat 8.5; we also have Apache HTTPD 2.4 as webserver proxy.

Recently, when we have to recover from a database crash, the IDPs have more than 500 requests/minute to be processed.
We believe that somehow, apache is unable to process all the request so they are not getting to Shibboleth.

Is there any documentation about how calculate the best number of max connections in Apache? Has anyone any experience in real-world scenarios?

Thanks a lot

Miguel Salinas Vivancos
Identity Management Integrator
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