Windows server 2019 Core and Shibboleth

Paul Caskey pcaskey at
Mon Nov 4 08:24:59 EST 2019

The InCommon TAP containers run both the Windows IdP and SP on Server Core.

If you want to see how we do it for the IdP, see the Dockerfile here:

On 11/4/19, 6:04 AM, "users on behalf of Adriano" <users-bounces at on behalf of Adriano.Dalessio at> wrote:

    We are running Shibboleth on Windows Server just fine, but is Server Core
    supported by Shibboleth? 
    I could find that on the Shibboleth wiki: "There are no specific
    requirements regarding Operating Systems, but in practice this is inherently
    limited by the Java distributions supported, as noted above"
    ( ).
    Haven't found any info for Jetty concerning Windows core, and Oracle
    Java/Corretto (11) don't specify server core for system req...
    Has anyone installed and made it run on server core?
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