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Absolutely. Just list it as an InputDataConnector for the attribute definition, and whatever attributes you tell it to include in the InputDataConnector element will be made available to the script.

One word of warning, and this may or may not be a bug, but attributes from InputDataConnectors can be tested to see if they’re set to null in scripts. Attributes from InputAttributeDefinitions will never as far as I’ve seen test true as null. Rather, you need to do attribute.getValues().size() >0 to ensure that they aren’t empty.


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Can a scripted data connector use attributes provided / resolved by another data connector?

We have an attribute that is basically a serialized object, and I'd like to explode it into it's components. e.g.

{jobCategory=Staff}:{campus=UM_ANN-ARBOR}:{deptId=123456}:{deptGroup=BASKET_WEAVING}:{deptDescription=Department of Basket Weaving}:{deptGroupDescription=College of Fiber Arts}:{deptVPArea=VP_ARTS_AND_CRAFTS}:{jobcode=123456}:{jobFamily=999}:{emplStatus=A}:{regTemp=R}:{supervisorId=12345678}:{tenureStatus=NA}:{jobIndicator=P}

I'm currently doing it with mapped attributes, but wonder if there might be a better way?

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