SP Upgrade to V3 removes .dll

DGone dawggone at zoho.com
Thu May 30 11:45:21 EDT 2019

Apologies if this isn’t the correct channel to ask this in,
but any insight would be appreciated (or direction to better forum for assistance).

 upgrading an SP from v2.5 to v3 on Windows using IIS.  No issues with 
the Shibboleth upgrade itself and I'm able to have the app 
working/authenticating using Shibboleth after the upgrade.

 are using an A/V product which is loaded as a service using SrvAny 
(clamd).  Works fine before the upgrade, but after the upgrade to SP 3 
the service will no longer load.  First attempt throws an error about a 
missing .dll (msvcr100d.dll).  I've replaced this .dll from another 
server but then I get a generic application error.  I've tried 
reinstalling the visual c redistributable from an older package but have
 not had any luck down that path.

Why does the SP3 upgrade remove this .dll and is there a way to manually upgrade and avoid this step?

 I do recognize the .dll in question should only be needed for debug, 
however I am trying to find the most expedient path to get to v3 first 
and can then address the way that service is being used/run.....I hope.
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