Shibboleth IDP

Nate Klingenstein ndk at
Mon May 27 19:29:56 EDT 2019

It's so 2013, but +1.
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> From: Richard Levenberg
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> Subject: Re: Shibboleth IDP
> I completely agree with everything Peter has said about asking good
> questions and not being able to even figure out what the issue is based
> on what you have provided so far.
> However, when I first set things up, a list of existing URL paths that
> would have shown me something was working would have been valid. There
> are hints in the Wiki but it took examining the web.xml and other
> configuration to figure out what was supposed to work out of the box.
> e.g. https://[machinename]/idp/shibboleth is the idp metadata.
> r

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