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Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon May 27 15:50:43 EDT 2019

* Luc Landry <iloumon53 at> [2019-05-27 19:09]:
> I installed Shibboleth idp on my system and in its configuration
> folder I found the file idp.war, and according to my research the
> war files are deployed with an apache server (tomcat, jetty). So I
> try with Tomcat, but it does not work.

I'll give it one last shot.

What does "does not work" mean, specifically?

* Your log files are there so that you can look at them and identify
  the errors you have made. (Jetty's or Tomcat's container logs and
  the IDP's logs).

* "according to your research"? The official Shibboleth documentation
  should cover all of this, no need to "find" a war file and
  "reasearch" what to do with it.

* According to your previous posts you installed the IDP on
  MS-Windows, so the MS-Windows Installer should take care of all of
  that, including Jetty as a Java Servlet container.
  So there should be no need for Apache Tomcat at all.

Noone here has access to a magical crystal ball that would allow us to
detect what you did wrong on your system. We're not merely unwilling
to tell you what's wrong, we're completely unable because you're not
doing your part of the job.

If this is all too difficult (finding out how to tell people what
errors you have in the log files, or that you cannot find the log
files despite the documentation, or that you cannot find the official
documentation despite having this list, etc.) then maybe looking for
someone who can do all this for you will be a better use of your time.

An IDP deployment (of any implementation) requires some skills.
(The Shibboleth wiki even contains a list of those skills, but by that
measure I wouldn't be able to run one myelf, JFYI).
The most basic one is how to ask for help. If this is new to you maybe
start here,

Or do some "research" first on how Free/Libre/Open Source Software
community support works on the Internet. Because clearly this is going

Best regards,

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