How to deploy shibboleth service provider in Kubernetes environment?

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri May 24 09:59:50 EDT 2019

* Peter Schober <peter.schober at> [2019-05-24 15:57]:
> * Karthikeyan Sundararajan <karthikeyan.s at> [2019-05-24 15:18]:
> > In non-docker environment, apache2 and shibd services runs no the same
> > server and apache2 communicates with shibd using mod_shib apache module
> > (correct me if am wrong)
> Well, on GNU/Linux and Unix mod_shib and shibd communicate over a unix
> domain socket by default, on MS-Windows they use a TCP socket.
> Cf.

See also (coudn't quickly find the SPv3 version thereof):


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