How to deploy shibboleth service provider in Kubernetes environment?

Karthikeyan Sundararajan karthikeyan.s at
Fri May 24 09:17:25 EDT 2019

I am trying to configure shibboleth service provider in kubernetes

In non-docker environment, apache2 and shibd services runs no the same
server and apache2 communicates with shibd using mod_shib apache module
(correct me if am wrong)

Is it possible to deploy shibboleth service provider in separate container
and apache in separate container? If yes, has anyone done this already? Is
there any docs?

As because I already have pods running my environment. One for apache and
another one for java spring boot application. Apache acts as a reverse
proxy for my java app.

Now I just want to deploy one more container for shibboleth, is it possible?


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