Flow restoration exception

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Interesting. This is a rather challenging case to work with. When asked 20 minutes later if he had mistyped his password the first time, he said he couldn't remember. I can sort of understand that but I usually remember, at least for a few minutes, when I had to type my password in twice. So, I'm trying to come up with whatever scenarios I can for him here. It sounds like just hitting the back button after entering an incorrect password, rather than just re-typing the password on the form that was right in front of him,  might have caused this. Or possibly doing something wonky with browser history or a bookmark at that point. Am I understanding you correctly, Scott, that either of those actions after incorrectly entering his password might have resulted in this error?


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That's the normal exception the back button raises if the flow never completed. Once the flow completes, the execution number (the e1, etc.) is removed, and the back button raises the other one. A submit wouldn't cause it without a user doing other unexplainable (in the "why would anybody do it?" sense) things before the submit. Anything that perturbs the browser history relative to the conversation's state on the server kills the webflow code one way or the other with one of the exceptions thrown.

I guess the way to think of it is when the e1 is wrong you get the other one, when the s1 is wrong, you get this one.
-- Scott

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