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>> * BÖSCH Christian <boesch at <mailto:boesch at>> [2019-05-22 11:02]:
>>> Is it somehow possible to set the expiration date of the consent
>>> (idp.consent.storageRecordLifetime) to infinity?
>> I don't know but is that really all that different from setting it to,
>> say, ten years?

Yes, I’ve set it to 10 years.

So that the existing entries do not expire I corrected them in the database and set them to sometime in 2030.
update storagerecords set expires='1920000000000' where id like '%:terms-of-use’; 

Nevertheless, I see in the consent log file that terms of use are continuously accepted.

Is there anything else to consider so that the terms of use do not have to be accepted again?


> FWIW, I don't see provisions in the code that would allow for that,
> e.g. using a special value to signal "infinite":
> @Nonnull @Duration @NonNegative private Long lifetime
> "Lifetime must be greater than or equal to 0"
> etc.
> -peter
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