Guidance on troubleshooting org.ldaptive.pool.BlockingConnectionPool issue

Mike Osterman ostermmg at
Tue May 21 22:39:07 EDT 2019

> 'kill' is a 'nix command. You want the thread dump from the jvm that is
> running jetty.

Correct, it is a 'nix command, but sending a "QUIT" (-3) signals the JVM to
perform a thread dump. It doesn't actually terminate the process (which
makes "QUIT" kind of a misnomer):

You could try visualvm.

Thanks! I'll take a look at this.

I did manage to get a thread dump when in the "bad" state using this
sudo -u shibidp jstack [PID] > threaddump.log

The trick now is interpreting it. Would it make sense to create a Jira
issue and upload the dump file at this point? I've given it a pretty
thorough look over, but nothing's standing out to me.

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