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Mon May 20 17:55:57 EDT 2019

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> Would you mind sharing a snippet of your relying-parting.xml for canvas?  Maybe I am screwing something up there.

You don't need anything in that file for Canvas. Relying party overrides are for unusual cases or dealing with metadata you don't control, and Canvas isn't such a case (its metadata can be, and should be, obtained from federations like InCommon, and it doesn't need to be overridden or changed). Instructure does an excellent job maintaining their published instances there.

Nothing you're trying to do here is necessary. Release an attribute, tell Canvas to use that attribute's name, and you're done, apart from the settings I'm sure you already have entered into it. That's it. The rest is Canvas debugging if it's not working and claiming there's no such user or something like that. I haven't ever seen what it reports in that case.
-- Scott

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