AES256-CBC for encryption?

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Mon May 13 11:23:17 EDT 2019

Thanks, Scott. I'm still not getting this to work, though. I've added the encryption algorithm to the metadata inside the encryption key descriptor block:

   <KeyDescriptor use="encryption">
    <KeyInfo xmlns="">
      <X509Certificate>Cert here</X509Certificate>
    <EncryptionMethod Algorithm=""/>

I see no global definitions of encryptionWhitelist or encryptionBlacklist So, I'm using defaults (presumably from the libraries). And yes, I remembered to reload the metadata source after adding the encryptionMethod element.

But looking at the response, it's still showing AES128-CBC.

Any other possibilities you can think of? Is it correct the <KeyDescriptor> and <EncryptionMethod> are in the same XML schema namespace? I don't need to prefix EncryptionMethod with anything if I'm not prefixing KeyDescriptor, correct?


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> Thanks, Scott. That explains why my encrypted assertion is still going as AES128. Yes, we do control the metadata. Is it as
> simple as just adding this to their metadata?


> I don't have to make mention of any signing algorithms or anything else as long as they're good with our defaults,
> correct?

Yes, the algorithm extension overrides individual types of behavior by intersecting the IdP supported methods with the metadata, and no metadata just implies no preference and leaves the default behavior.

-- Scott

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