SP metadata

Mikael Bak bak.mikael at oszk.hu
Fri May 10 04:08:35 EDT 2019

Hi list,

I'm new to shibboleth, but I have recently developed an idP with other
tools, so I guess I'm not entirely new to SAML concepts.

I have put together a very basic SP that connects to out federation with
discovery. I had to supply an URL to the SP metadata to the federation:


Everything seems to work but I'm litte uneasy by the fact that the
metadata file starts with this text:
This is example metadata only. Do *NOT* supply it as is without review,
and do *NOT* provide it in real time to your partners.

So my question is: If I'm not supposed to publish the automatically
generated metadata (the URL above), then how am I supposed to do it?

I'm greatful for any help and pointers I can get in this matter.

Mikael Bak

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