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Tue May 7 11:56:01 EDT 2019

    For a few months I've had an SP complaining that they need to reset the accounts of our users on a periodic basis.  We've been monitoring this for some time and have identified that after one of our users is forced to change their AD password their account requires a reset.
    We've further identified that when a user changes their AD password it changes their eduPersonTargetedID value.  By resetting the account they clear the value set in eduPersonTargetedID and allows a new one to be set.
    When I read up on this attribute I find that it's made up of a triple tuple, one of which is generated.  It's also supposed to be persistent but it's persistence doesn't have to be lifetime.
    Can anyone help me understand why this attribute might change after an AD password change?

Bob Lamothe
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