Enforce MFA for federated IDPs

Zunan Dong zunan.dong at utoronto.ca
Fri May 3 14:56:03 EDT 2019

Hi Scott,

https://refeds.org/profile/mfa is an AuthnContextClassRef inserted into SAML Req/Resp. Is there any entity category that ensures a particular IDP supports this Authn Context?

I have found a final report of "Multi-Factor Authentication Inter-operability". It seems like whether to create an entity category for MFA in InCommon is still on pending. Do you have a conclusion for that?


Zunan Dong

Authentication Systems Specialist

Information Security

Information Technology Service

University of Toronto

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> We have an SP requires MFA for internal users(authenticate against our
> internal IDP). Now we want users from other universities/institutions to
> use this SP through federated IDPs. How do we enforce MFA for those
> IDP/users? Is there a standard that helps the collaboration between SPs
> and IDPs on MFA enforcement(like R&S, SIRTFI)?


Scott K
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