Shibcas external authentication attributes

jramsay at jramsay at
Fri May 3 10:59:41 EDT 2019

I am experimenting with the Shibcas plugin which is returning a principal
along with attributes released by an external CAS service.

Since my initial post, I am able to retrieve the attributes using
"subject.getPrincipals(...IdPAttributePrincipal).class" and dump the results
using the logger.

So, I am now trying to extract the elements from what looks like JSON
however, I don't know how to do it or where to start using the Shibboleth
IDP classes. I could use JAVA regular expressions to get what I want but it
would be a kludge at best. I am not planning to release this data or use it
immediately, I just want to print the attributes and associated value I

At the moment I scripting this using the CDATA elements.


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