reload-metadata & multiple metadata providers

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Fri Jul 26 12:09:30 EDT 2019

Reloading the metadata service is entirely different and would involve saying "reload-service".  It completely restarts the service
including reloading all files.

Reloading metadata providers is about reloading one provider at the "level down" from that, so in your case you either have two
files and that is the level at which you can reload or you have one file where the topmost element is a chaining provider.  Either
way you cannot descend into the next level down

So if you had a single file looking roughly like this

<MetadataProvider type="chaining">
	<MetadataProvider type="chaining" id=" ShibbolethMetadata">
		<MetadataProvider type="chaining" id="NEFED">
	<MetadataProvider type="chaining" id="NebraskaShibbolethMetadata ">

And so on, you can reload NebraskaShibbolethMetadata an ShibbolethMetadata, but not NEFED.

Similarly if you had two files one for NebraskaShibbolethMetadata and the other ShibbolethMetadata 

Either way, you only get to chose from those two.

I suspect the team would entertain and RFE (if one was forthcoming) to look at the idea of allowing recursive descent into
sub-providers, but a full fix might implicate the status page and gauges so it might blow up and not happen....


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> Right, I can reload the metadata resolver service, my particular issue is when using the bin/
> (/idp/shibboleth/reload-metadata?id=XXXX) service which allows us to reload a particular metadata entry in the metadata-
> providers.xml file instead of the entire service.
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