Error occurring: 500 Internal server error

Hassenpflug Gernot gernot.hassenpflug at
Thu Jul 25 21:48:02 EDT 2019

2019年7月23日(火) 16:48 Tomomi <test.demo.adobe.2 at>:

Hello Tomomi,
> I was able to confirm the status like your test server.
> >Are you trying to do IdP-initiated SSO first, then SP-initiated IdP?
> I trying to do SP-initiated.
> >could you upload it to the SP successfully?
> I could upload it to the SP successfully.
> I got the error when I tryed to upload metadata-providers.xml.
> Error occurs when updating file and restarting tomcat.
> tomcat log is below;
> The web application [/idp] appears to have started a thread named
> [AsyncAppender-Worker-ASYNC_PROCESS] but has
> failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memory leak.
> One or more listeners failed to start. Full details will be found in the
> appropriate container log file
> Do you have any reason for the error.

This has come up in the mailing lists sometimes since 2016 and has
been decided not to be a problem, as far as I can tell.
So likely unrelated to your issue. And as pointed out, as a warning it
can be ignored.

I would say, like others have pointed out, that your apache, tomcat
configuration is likely the culprit here and needs further
As an aside, what about SELinux? Are there any audit logs, and can you
turn off SELinux for testing to see if that might be an issue?

In conclusion, I would say the problem is not the IdP, but your
environment running it.
If you get really stuck, how about working with Jetty instead (I do
that), a lot simpler. In that case I would be able to be of more help
with respect to configuration checks also.
Best regards,
Gernot Hassenpflug
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