tag based activation conditions on attribute resolvers

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Jul 17 17:27:30 EDT 2019

>                            p:values="true" />

I doubt that's doing anything sane. You're messing with a lot of Spring conversion machinery using a string that's kind of a boolean and trying to set a property that's formally Collection<String>

I wouldn't ideally mess with using true/false types of values as an attribute value syntax, that's playing with fire, but you could try "#{ { 'true'} }" instead since that's "really" a list of strings as a Spring expression.

If nothing else, I'd sanity check the mess by using something less squishy than "true", just some test string that's clearly a string, and try matching on that.

> The attributes with functional activation conditions are of type shibboleth.Conditions.RelyingPartyId, but this one is
> shibboleth.Conditions.EntityDescriptor.  I'm guessing there's additional stuff that I need to add.

No, not really.

-- Scott

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