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Wed Jul 17 09:12:16 EDT 2019

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> I was under the impression that http_forwarded does, in fact, handle this, but I could be way off track with that.

Well, I think it handles it when you set up a header to carry the hostname via X-Forwarded, but I don't think that could possibly be "the" way you virtualize Jetty.

Tomcat has properties in the connectors that can override host, port, etc. like Apache ServerName does. I don't know where Jetty's equivalent would be, but relying on a proxied header should be an alternative, not a primary mechanism.

There is one absolute way, a Java filter that overrides the various getters that end up returning the URL fields to the application.
> Barring any further suggestions, what's your process for doing a Jetty upgrade, even for a minor version like this?

I install and swap in a different jetty-home where the unpacked distribution sits and restart, that's it. I have to chmod the setuid library in the distribution, but that's the only change I make now. That's worked for me for 9.3 and for one update with 9.4. I'm on the version you just upgraded from.

-- Scott

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