metadata-driven attribute definition

Joshua Dachman jdachman at
Sun Jul 14 00:48:19 EDT 2019


I'm interested in setting up metadata-driven attribute mappings /
definitions. That is, instead of having a block like

<AttributeDefinition xsi:type="Simple" id="mail">
    <InputDataConnector ref="myLDAP" attributeNames="mail" />
    <AttributeEncoder xsi:type="SAML2String" name="emailAddress" />

in attribute-resolver.xml, I would like to have a block in the sp metadata
that does the same thing (defines a mapping between the LDAP attribute name
and the name of the attribute that will be sent in the SAML assertion /
response). Could someone provide some guidance in how to set that up?

Thank you,
Joshua Dachman
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