Uncertainty about scopes in metadata and it's relation to scoped attributes.

IAM David Bantz dabantz at alaska.edu
Wed Jul 3 15:01:59 EDT 2019

To keep your ePPNs scoped @pima.edu :

Assuming staff & students have unique non-colliding IDs in a single
name-space (which seems likely if both groups authenticate by providing
those IDs):
Assign ePPN of student1 at pima.edu [instead of the email address] in
That does presume the vendor does not rely on the scoped principal name
doubling as a valid email address (alas some do).

David Bantz

On Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 9:45 AM Mathis, Bradley <bmathis at pima.edu> wrote:

> First off,  thank you for your time in reading this for any patience you
> can have with my lack of understanding how metadata works or is used.
> We have a helpdesk/ticket tracking system that we are using.  We are the
> idp and they are the SP and they/we are using InCommon in this case for our
> metadata repository.
> We are sending the eduPersonPrincipalName along with a few other basic
> attributes at login.... though I'm pretty sure the eduPersonPrincipalName
> is what is being
> used to actually login/authorize access.
> Currently all our College staff are able to login and use the system.  For
> example my eduPersonPrincipalName value is e.g.  bmathis at pima.edu this
> works fine.
> We now have some who want to add students to the system.  When they
> attempt login they are denied access (actually it looks like it goes into a
> loop).  The student eduPersonPrincipalName value is using a subdomain like
> this student1 at mail.pima.edu.
> We have asked the vendor to allow users that have eduPersonPrincipalName
> value of username at mail.pima.edu to be valid users of the system.
> Their response was that we would need to change our metadata with inCommon
> to allow the new scope... I assume they mean add mail.pima.edu to the
> scope ...
> I do see we have a scope in our metadata for pima.edu .... which is
> correct.   Due to my ignorance I'm not certain if what they are asking is
> valid .... I have read some of the
> Incommon documentation about it ... at
> https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/InCFederation/Scope+in+Metadata
>  but I'm still processing it.  It appears I can add another scope but it
> will most certain generate manaul vetting if I do.
> I guess I just want to make sure..... is this really needed to resolve our
> issue?
> We are sending them the correct value for the user in the
> eduPersonPrincipalName I'm not understanding why our metadata needs the
> scope added... why can't they userthe
> eduPersonPrincipalName we send them.
> I figure they really know what they are talking about or .. they might be
> as uneducated about it as I am :-)
> Thanks for any feedback you have.
> Brad Mathis
> IT Principal Systems Analyst
> Infrastructure Services - Applications
> Pima Community College
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> bmathis at pima.edu
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