Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Jul 3 11:54:20 EDT 2019

* Landry BIAO <iloumon53 at> [2019-07-02 18:13]:
> Good evening everyone.  I need your help.  I want to realize a two-factor
> authentication system.  So I decided to use shibboleth and tomcat on
> windows server.  So I want to configure shibboleth so that it uses windows
> server ldap directory.  But I still can not get what I want.

Why did you not use the installer provided for MS-Windows?
That already asks for MS-AD integration data during the installation
process (and also sets up Jetty for you so you don't even have to
install Tomcat or another Java servlet container)?

Either way, if people here should help you fix your problem you'll
need to enable them to do so. That includes asking concrete questions.
"I can not get what I want" is not a technical error report and
there's no technical change to suggest to make sure you get what you

Also note that adding strong authentication (or multiple/additional
authentication factors) to the Shibboleth IDP is not a simple task, in
fact it's quite a lot more complicated than installing, configuring
and running an IDP with only LDAP authentication. So if the current
task of getting the IDP up and running with LDAP is already too
complicated for you it would probably be wise to look for help in
getting strong authentication/MFA/2FA added.

Best regards,

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