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Hi Scott,

Am 20.06.19 um 14:27 schrieb Cantor, Scott:
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>> Where do you think is a good place in your documentation?
>> Please let me know what you think about this solution :-)
>> Did i some mistakes or maybe there is a shorter and simpler solution?
> You can just attach an activationCondition directly to the consent flow descriptor in profile-intercept.xml when the condition for the flow is essentially global.
At the moment this condition is global for our productive-idp, but our 
test-idp has some more restrictions and maybe they will later come true 
for our productive-idp and then the rule is not anymore global.
But maybe this can be changed a bit, so the rule still become globally 
true. I will see later.
> Touching relying-party.xml is a last resort these days for when nothing else fits. Every override added creates a problem later when something changes and the rules for the things that match the override split and turn into different rules, and the override count multiplies.

Thats why i have removed the overrides and using now only this one 
DefaultRelyingParty with such nice LookupStrategies :-)

> -- Scott
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