Can you run multiple instances of Shibboleth for SP?

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Mon Jul 1 01:51:57 EDT 2019


Yes, you can use an arbitrary number of SP's at an IdP.  The configuration will be old-school if you don't want to use a discovery interface, but it's certainly possible.

To expound on the multiple domain aspect as an aside, it depends entirely on whether you will be running these two domains as virtual hosts on a single server (farm) or as independent domains.  In the former case, you would install Shibboleth on each node and configure it for the appropriate domains, preferably with a scripting mechanism like Puppet or Docker.   In the latter case, they would be treated as entirely separate environments.  But regardless, it's largely orthogonal: to the IdP, these are just SP's, and some load more than 5000 of them.

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> Thank you for the reply. I should have been clearer with my question :)
> My setup is
> with SP A (using Shiboleth).  The IDP is Salesforce.
> with SP B (using Shiboleth). The IDP is Azure.
> I already have setup with SP A (using Shiboleth).  The IDP
> is Salesforce.
> So my question is can I use the same instance of Shiboleth for
>, SP B, but it will be using a different IDP.
> From Scott's reply, I believe what I want to do is possibl.  Is this
> what I need to be looking at?
> thanks
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> > > You cannot run multiple instances, nor is that necessary for anything
> > > you're asking about.
> >
> >
> > I interpreted the question differently, with the focus being on whether or
> > not one linux server could run independent IdPs.  I've run multiple IdPs
> > behind one httpd, so I expected the answer was "yes".  :-)  I don't see why
> > one cannot host separate IdPs for and on
> > the same linux server as virtual hosts behind an Apache httpd.
> >
> > In our case, the IdPs were separate development instances of the same
> > production service, so none of them were production.  Maybe something would
> > have broken under load?  I can't think of what it would be.  Anyway, all of
> > the IdPs were in separate installation directories
> > (/home/<user>/shibboleth-idp/), but I expect it would behave the same if
> > they were installed in /opt/shibboleth-idp/robosquirrels/ and
> > ../threewalnuts/.
> >
> > It begs the question of whether or not that's really what you need or want
> > to do, though.  Good luck!  -Les
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