configuring shibboleth on AWS using ELB

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Dec 17 10:37:42 EST 2019

On 12/17/19, 10:12 AM, "Deirdre Kirmis" <Deirdre.Kirmis at> wrote:

> This is consistent with what I’m seeing in the logs. Does anyone know if this can be fixed at the SP (settings) or can the 
>  IDP make a change on their side?

A load balancer at an SP is pretty unlikely to have anything to do with what an IdP does if it's not behind the same one, and if it is, then a full trace of what's going on what have to be examined to know what the IdP is doing, but you already said multiple times that the SP is logging successful incoming data and reporting the information in the session handler successfully. That flatly rules out IdP involvement.

I seriously doubt they even meant "IdP endpoint" there, they probably are referring to the SP. The SP doesn't care what other cookies show up, only its own, but lacking its own, it would not have a session and what it does then depends on the content rule(s) applied to the request regarding a session. If it passed it along, there would be no session and no data as a result in any headers.
That's all I can say. Shibboleth support from me is members only, as noted in the footer of every message to this list. That's why I haven't said anything more.

-- Scott

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