Environment Variable in ldap.properties

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Thu Dec 12 05:54:48 EST 2019

* Noriyuki TAKEI <ntakei at sios.com> [2019-12-12 10:04]:
> I solved this by defining ldap.properties as below.
> idp.authn.LDAP.ldapURL = ldap://${LDAP_HOST:localhost}:389

And that also works if LDAP_HOST is defined with a value other than

Just asking since the answers to this SO question claim that Java
itself does not support this (though Apache commons configuration
seems to when using the "env:" prefix on the variable name, which
doesn't match your example either):

But maybe Shibboleth's own code does this, I haven't checked.


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