Unable to get memberOf (OpenLDAP, using memberof overlay)

Stevens, M michael.stevens at boku.com
Wed Dec 11 16:51:05 EST 2019

I did more testing, and the idp is returning memberOf results when I specify
"* +" ... the slapd logs show the same attributes for the idp that I get
from ldapsearch:

SRCH attr=* +

I'm trying to get this functional for the first time, I may have had
something configured incorrectly, or possibly sssd was behaving strangely (I
restarted it and cleared its cache after getting group memberships back when
declaring memberOf specifically.)

In any case, I've re-tested and this consistently returns the expected
results across every account I've specified:

<ReturnAttributes>* +</ReturnAttributes>

(My testing has all been via the aacli utility.)

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