Unable to get memberOf (OpenLDAP, using memberof overlay)

Stevens, M michael.stevens at boku.com
Tue Dec 10 18:43:25 EST 2019

The first examples are from ldapsearch. If I specify "* +" with ldapsearch, I
get user attributes and operational attributes, the latter including
"memberOf" data.

If I use "* +" in IDP/ReturnAttributes, I get user attributes and
operational attributes ... but no memberOf.

I have IDP logging set to debug, and can clearly see it returning 15 user
attributes when I only include "*" in ReturnAttributes, and 25 user and
operational attributes with I use "* +" in ReturnAttributes. I've tried
explicitly including memberOf in ReturnAttributes, but it has no effect. 

Hopefully that's clear ... for whatever reason, ldapsearch thinks "memberOf"
is an operational attribute, the IDP doesn't appear to.

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