ECP Non-Browser MFA Duo

Joshua Brodie josbrodie at
Wed Dec 4 18:56:27 EST 2019

I'm a bit at sea...apologies in advance for anything ambiguous.

*conf/authn/ -- added the non-duo integration (per the sample
in v3.4.6)*

*conf/authn/duo-authn-config.xml  -- added the following:*

<bean id="NonBrowserDuo"
  p:secretKey="%{idp.duo.nonbrowser.secretKey:none}" />

*authn/general-auth.xml - removed p:nonBrowserSupported property setter on
the "auth/Duo"*

*However MFA is not triggered for a service when via ECP (triggered when
access via regular browser -- no change from previous) -- aim is to trigger
for both ECP and browser. Ant directional tips would be very appreciated.
Thank you/*
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