Classic .asp Server Variables not available in Shibboleth v3

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Wed Dec 4 15:14:01 EST 2019

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> Has anyone been able to access Server Variables with classic .asp applications with Shibboleth v3 and IIS?

I have no evidence they work due to IIS and ASP both being awful at their job, but I don't trust myself to be the arbiter of a technology I never use to document what is or isn't possible. If somebody with the requisite background knows it isn't then I would document the limitation.

If using headers instead doesn't work, then that would be a more serious issue since the old software did work with ASP. Headers with the module is no worse than before.

In no case is using the old filter acceptable. We will not continue to maintain that filter. But if ASP + headers + module also doesn't work, then that puts into a longer term situation regarding when we'd remove it.

I would not keep the filter around just to let ASP work without headers, even if it were possible, and I'm sure MS plans to break ISAPI someday anyway.

-- Scott

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