Classic .asp Server Variables not available in Shibboleth v3

lauraj laura23 at
Wed Dec 4 14:04:41 EST 2019

I have a customer who upgraded their servers to Windows Server 2019 running
on Azure.  They freshly installed Shibboleth v3.  In the past they have used
the server variable "Shib-AuthnContext-Class" to determine if a user
authenticated via single factor or multi-factor. Their newer applications
using .aspx DO provide the server variable.  We've viewed prior posts on
this subject and confirm that .aspx returns the Server Variables.  Both
hosts are using the same IIS version.  Has anyone been able to access Server
Variables with classic .asp applications with Shibboleth v3 and IIS?

Thanks much,

Laura Jaurequi
University of Washington

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