CAS attribtues?

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That's one way, but as the IdP wiki documentation states: <>

  "Notable features:
	• The XML response delivered by the /serviceValidate URI includes the <cas:attributes> extension supported by most CAS clients."

An extension to the original CAS 2 protocol, that was codified with CAS Protocol v3

So you can get attributes sent with either /samlValidate or /serviceValidate. You control it with the filter file, I find it easiest to use a Group name reference in the release rules that ties to the group name used in the cas-protocol.xml file.

The other thing to be aware of is that the "name" of the attribute will be the ID for its definition, not the attribute encoder name. At least for /serviceValidate (I haven't used the /samlValidate endpoint.)

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>> It'd use SAML 1 attribute encoding then? 
> I believe so.
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