Adding an entity attribute to every entity from a provider

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Thu Apr 18 13:16:27 EDT 2019

Correct, or if I'm tagging things myself, I can just give everything from the InCommon MDQ a single entityAttribute since we do the same thing for InCommon and eduGAIN-imported SPs which is back to where I started.


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> If I use Scott’s approach in my attribute resolver of the absence of 
> elements to determine that the item came from our MDQ provider, I have to maintain entity group or similar attributes for my other providers.

It kinds of depends what the rules are. The only thing I do globally as a default is an attribute rule that's a superset of what I would do for others, so I don't have to explicitly identify anything except what has to get more than that. So I don't end up needing to tag InCommon/eduGAIN at all.

> Alternatively, if InCommon wants to add a new entity attribute to 
> every imported eduGAIN entity saying that it was imported from eduGAIN, I can leverage registered-by-incommon or imported-from-edugain as indicators.

You can tag that yourself if you want by just adding a filter rule to the InCommon source saying tag if not registered by InCommon, of course.

-- Scott

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