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So I think I tracked it down to Jetty configuration. I'm using the Unicon
shibboleth-idp-dockerized image although I rebuild it and I do make some
minor tweaks as a layer on top of their image.

I think that's the culprit and that last addRule can be removed. If it
works I'll create a PR to their project.

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> > It does look like my problem might be related to running under
> Kubernetes, specifically that http headers are being set
> > by the nginx proxy.
> That doesn't inherently mean the headers are in fact correctly usable out
> of the box, there still might be a mistake in our understanding.
> You should NOT need to alter the headers to make logout work, and I have
> never had to do so in any testing scenarios I've attempted. So either my
> testing is artificial and doesn't match a real world issue in some way, or
> people are mistaken somewhere about what Chrome is really saying.
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