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Wed Apr 10 20:17:39 EDT 2019

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> do you suggest writing my own mergestrategy?

> can you show me an examples in script?

No, I don't have any idea what's wrong, let alone what sort of example would help. I followed the obvious things and none of them fit. That generally exhausts what I do for free for non-members on list.

If you turn up more logging of webflow for the transitions late in the MFA flow when it's finishing things up, I might have a guess but that's about my only suggestion, and I won't go much farther on list. Anything involving SPNEGO is pretty much in the "not free support" category for me, and there's a good chance that's breaking things somehow since nothing else seems to be wrong.

Make sure that nothing is controlling the sequence of activity except the MFA flow's rules. SPNEGO cannot call Password and Password cannot call SPNEGO. Any of the old pre-MFA tricks for handling errors and moving around between those flows in the UI are very hard to use, and don't work with the MFA flow.

-- Scott

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