IDP logout customizations

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Mon Apr 8 10:46:49 EDT 2019

On 4/8/19, 10:34 AM, "users on behalf of Manuel Haim" <users-bounces at on behalf of haim at> wrote:

> You're right Scott - it seems that I had the <ArtifactResolutionService>
> left over in my idp-metadata.xml from IdP 2.x, but it was disabled by
> default in IdP 3.x.

To be clear, what's in your metadata won't affect what the IdP does or doesn't do, it never ever ever looks at its own metadata. It just has an option that tracks whether artifact support is on, and uses that to control which outbound bindings it will allow itelf to select.

#idp.artifact.enabled = true

But it is on by default, so you have to explicitly tell the system you don't want it on.
-- Scott

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