Local Dynamic metadata provider

Ramaiah, Vanna G. ramaiah at musc.edu
Mon Apr 1 17:41:29 EDT 2019

A couple of questions.
1) Are you placing the actual file in the same directory that was mentioned in metataproviders.xml? So I am guessing there is no problem in having both the actual files and their symbolic links in the same directory.
2) When/how is this script called?

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* Ramaiah, Vanna G. <ramaiah at musc.edu> [2019-04-01 14:54]:
> I am using local dynamic metadata provider. It is a little hard to 
> track the metadata as the filenames are SHA1- digest. What are better 
> ways of tracking the metadata providers?
> If I create a link from SHA1-digest to a file with  real entity name, 
> would that work? Can I put the link files in a different directory?

FWIW, a while ago I posted this example for the Shib SP's "Dynamic"
metadata provider: https://gitlab.com/snippets/1720109
Something like this should work fine for the IDP as well.

For Consortium Member technical support, see https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/x/coFAAg
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